Areas of activity


Take advantage of our expertise in Engineering and Law.

Reiser & Partner has excellent know-how in German and European patent, utility model, trademark and design law.

We offer individual support in obtaining patent, trademark and design rights. In addition, we also defend those property rights in opposition proceedings, cancellation proceedings and objection proceedings. Furthermore, we advise you, if your IP rights have been violated, and represent you in court.

In addition to their legal qualification, our patent attorneys have also acquired extensive technical expertise by completing university degrees in Engineering. We are the professional contact person for you and your developers.

Research and IPR application

Before an application, we determine together with you, whether your invention is worth protecting. Then we draft, for example, a patent application, which contains a detailed description of the technical solution, making sure that all essential details are included. It is only then that can you obtain a strong IP right. We take special care to phrase this description accurately, so that not only an engineer, but also a legal expert in a possible dispute would understand it. Our patent attorneys competently combine two worlds: Engineering and Law.

Complete support of an IPR portfolio

We offer our clients end-to-end support during all phases of a property rights enforcement: from the initial research to the application and administration, as well as the extension and monitoring of IP rights. Many companies have been our clients for years and we manage comprehensive patent and trademark portfolios all over the world. For example, our oldest trademark was registered as early as 1909. Of course, we also offer appropriate services for companies who would like to register only individual IP rights.

Our comprehensive services in a nutshell:

Secure your company’s success with a patent and/or utility model and protect your technical ideas from copycats. We can find out if your invention can be applied as a patent. Reiser & Partner will draft the patent application for you with the patent claims and the detailed description of the subject matter of the application. We can also file European patent applications and international patent applications according to the Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT) for you. Thanks to our trusted attorneys who are acting as agents, we are likewise able to file national patent applications all over the world.

With a trademark registration, you can protect for example a company name, a product name, or a logo. We will find out if a symbol is “free” and can be registered as a trademark. In addition, we prepare the list of goods and services for your trademark application, whether you seek protection in Germany or in any other country. That way you can be sure not to violate any rights of third parties. We are also skilled to help you with International Registrations.

Developing a design is a lot of work and may be a crucial factor for the success of a company. Therefore, it is best to protect your design against copycats with a registered design. We can do that for you. We can file applications for you with protection in Germany, in the EU and worldwide. In Europe, the maximum duration of a design registration is 25 years.

Our Office advises you in patent, trademark, utility model and design violations and represents you in disputes. In addition, we support you in the following areas:

  • Invalidity / Revocation proceedings
  • Opposition proceedings (patents & trademarks)
  • Cancellation of IP rights
  • Appeal proceedings
  • Monitoring of IP rights
  • Employee inventor law

Reiser & Partner represents you before the following offices and courts:

  • German Patent and Trademark Office (DPMA)
  • German Federal Patents Court (Bundespatentgericht - BpatG)
  • German Federal High Court of Justice (Bundesgerichtshof - BGH)
  • European Patent Office [EPO]

Through our global network of trusted attorneys acting as agents, we are likewise able to represent you before patent and trademark offices in other countries, e.g. in America or Asia. Contact us and we will be happy to assist you.

If you come to us with an invention or an idea you would like to protect, we can find out whether the IP rights of third parties have been violated. We will then conduct a violation research. For this purpose, we will research in which countries similar IPR applications have been filed for your idea, analyse them and compare these IP rights to your idea. Based on the result, we will then advise you on the further product development strategy. Or we may find a way to challenge a particular IP right of a third party, for example within the framework of an opposition or a revocation action.

We are in a position to offer you particularly sound advice, because we are at home “in two worlds”: As engineers, we have the technical know-how to understand the functionality and innovative nature of your product. On the other hand, as patent attorneys, we have many years of experience with the legal assessment of intellectual IP rights. This special combination allows us to ensure the protection of your intellectual property and to defend it successfully in court. We will be happy to develop a beneficial IP rights strategy for you and set the foundation for your company’s long-term success.