Technical know-how and 20 years of experience in patent, trademark and design law make all the difference.

Our Office has excellent expertise in the areas of engineering and patent law as well as in trademark and design law.

We advise our clients strategically and in a target-oriented manner and confidently support companies of all sizes. With our international network, we can also act globally. These are the key factors, which provide added value to our clients. Benefit from the excellent legal advice provided by Reiser & Partner!

Business expertise

Our attorneys are engineers and legal experts at the same time. We understand the technical basis of inventions and product developments, while knowing the pitfalls in IP law. With our long-standing experience, we will successfully guide you in the protection of your IP rights.

Communication & dialogue

Thanks to our dual competence - technical expertise and know-how of patent law - we speak the same language as our clients. Our consulting is based on open dialogue where we present all options and opportunities for the protection or defence of IP rights.

Building knowledge & relevance

We at Reiser & Partner make sure that we are always up to date, not only with regard to current changes in IP law, but also by using digital technology in all communication with clients and authorities.

International experience

We likewise advise our clients on an international level. We rely on our patent attorneys’ specialist knowledge, for example in French patent and trademark law, or we use our international network of attorneys acting as agents.